Theatre Renovations

The board of directors has established a fund and decided to make significant repairs in the fall of 2020. Given building maintenance is an ongoing challenge, the board is also established a comprehensive maintenance plan listing specific repairs needed, prioritizing each repair, estimating cost and defining a projected timetable.  

The facilities committee received quotes for roofing, electrical upgrades, structural and cosmetic repairs and after an in depth review, awarded the bids to local contractors Addison Mason Builders and DW Electrical.

They removed the crumbling asphalt shingles and replaced them with metal roofing which will last about 40 years.  They repaired and update the electrical components, loading doors and walls on the east side of the building, and made some cosmetic improvements on the north east and south east sides. 

The electrical upgrades involved Eversource (their pole to the building) which should aid in eliminating flickering on stage durning performances and bring us into compliance with current electrical codes.  The roof install will eliminate leaking in the box office, bathroom, lobby and stage areas which will also eliminate the need to make annual repairs to the inside of the theatre. And buckets.

The quoted roof replacement cost was $29,950, structural and cosmetic repairs $7,500 and the electrical at $3,100 for a total of $40,550.  We also took into account the age of the theatre and as a result built in an additional 15% buffer or $6,100.00 for unforeseen circumstances. If you own an older home, you understand all too well. Ultimately, we went approximately 25% over budget due to some old-structural surprises.

We are getting quotes for painting the exterior of the theatre in the spring.

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