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2024 Barnstormers Supporters


Sponsored by The Woodshed Restaurant

Into the Breeches!

Sponsored by Bank of New Hampshire

Go Back for Murder

Sponsored by Atlantic Pool and Spa

Pride and Prejudice

Sponsored by
The Carl E. and Dorothy M. Lindblade
Family Fund

Concessions sponsored by
Tuckerman Brewing Company
Whippletree Winery


We are pleased to invite you to partner as a sponsor of The Barnstormers Theatre—one of the region’s most vibrant cultural and artistic gems!

Our sponsors are local and regional companies, enterprises, and individuals who take great pride in serving New England. Together, they share a common goal with The Barnstormers — to contribute to the community and to improve the quality of life for area residents and visitors.

The Barnstormers has a variety of sponsorship opportunities available. By underwriting the run of a play, you’ll enjoy many exclusive benefits, including state-wide marketing exposure, direct visibility to up to 10,000 patrons, complimentary tickets, invitations to special events, private tours, and the pride of supporting one of the region’s most charming and beloved performing arts institutions.

We want you to have the very best sponsorship experience possible, so we will work closely with you to customize your benefits to respond to your specific interests that best meet your needs.

Thank you for your interest and your support!

That the powerful Play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.

–Walt Whitman

Vinette Cotter and Doug Shapiro in Agatha Christie's Black Coffee, 2022

Since 1931, The Barnstormers Theatre has been delighting audiences — young and old — and has fueled a lifelong spark for many wide-eyed, first-time theatre-goers. There is no  other theatre like it in the world; rich in heritage and vibrant in possibility.  

Ticket sales account for less than half of the operating expenses for The Barnstormers — and for  theatres across the country. The support we receive from our sponsors is essential for our  continued existence. As one of three professional theatres in the state, we draw people  from throughout New England — and beyond! Despite rising production and publicity costs, repair and maintenance costs, we are committed to continuing our acclaimed core  summer season offerings and to expanding our programming for both adults and young  people. Your sponsorship makes this all possible.  

To sponsor a play—or two—or to underwrite a full season means: 

  • Exposing your business, foundation, or enterprise to a wide, live audience 
  • Creating an opportunity to showcase and highlight your organization’s philanthropic mission 
  • Circulating your brand via social media, radio, print, posters, flyers, and mailing  throughout New England (and beyond) reaching up to 1,000,000 New Hampshire  residents and seasonal visitors—and countless social media visitors 
  • Contributing to the education, career, and engaged citizenship of young people. Research tells us those who participate in the performing arts — as audience  members or as actors/technicians — emerge as more empathetic, engaged, and  responsible citizens. 
  • Ensuring the survival (and well-being) of the performing arts in general and The  Barnstormers and its cultural partners, specifically 

Main Stage Productions

Shoulder Season Events

Photos: Black Coffee, 2022, Our Town, 2021, Touring show Music from Waitress, 2021