The Barnstormers Spring Appeal

Hello Barnstormers Friends,

Please make a donation to The Barnstormers Theatre this spring. Thanks to the generosity of you and others, The Barnstormers has been able to produce 93 summers of theatrical delight in Tamworth village. Thanks to donations like yours, this past year we were able to upgrade our air conditioning system for a more comfortable experience at our theater. We have been able to better engage with the community through our growing shoulder season, and last year we were thrilled to have been able to make a meaningful donation to the Tamworth Community Nurses Association building project after hosting a sold-out drag variety show fundraiser. 

While theaters nationwide have been cutting back on programming, or even closing down entirely, we have been able to build back our audiences. Ticket sales, however, only account for 50% of our operating costs. Did you know that The Barnstormers, like most other theaters across our country, is a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization? We rely on generous donations from patrons, foundations, and being awarded competitive grants in order to keep the doors open, and can assure you that every cent goes to bringing excellent theater to Tamworth. We look forward to seeing you at performances, especially when you bring a friend to introduce them to the magic of The Barnstormers! 

While we are grateful to have our audiences back, we are struggling to meet rising costs from inflation. Travel, housing, insurance, materials, and salaries for our performers and production staff each summer season have all become significantly more expensive. In addition, we continue to work to improve the experience of all members of the audience: upgrading our restrooms with ADA approved toilets, redesigning our concessions area for a more streamlined experience at intermission, and replacing our inefficient, outdated lighting fixtures with energy-efficient LEDs. Did you know that for each production, materials alone cost approximately $4,000? This does not include the cost to pay actors, directors, designers, production staff, and advertising. A single LED lighting fixture can cost between $1,000-2,000, and over the next three years we hope to purchase 30 of them. 

The Barnstormers Theatre is committed to celebrating our heritage, while also bringing fresh, new plays into our repertoire that celebrate the world in which we live. We are dedicated to not only bringing wonderfully diverse offerings in the late spring, summer, and early fall, but also continuing to develop education opportunities for the next generation of theater artists in our community. Our Board of Directors is focused on sustainability, and is currently developing a long-term strategic financial plan. In order to continue doing what we love for an additional 94 years, we need your help. This Spring our goal is to raise $60,000. This money will directly benefit the Theatre in all of the ways listed above and beyond. And while no donation is too small, please continue to give generously. 

Sincerely, and with gratitude, 

Lou DeMaio, Chairperson, The Barnstormers Theatre Board of Directors

Sarah Rozene, Artistic Director

Mail your donation to: 104 Main Street, PO Box 434, Tamworth, NH 03886 | | 603-323-8661 or donate online through our PayPal Link

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