Welcome to The Barnstormers 84th Season of exhilarating, professional Equity theatre.  Be sure to check out a variety of local dining options.  And many thanks to our season sponsor the MacCabe Family Foundation.

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Now on Stage: Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap

 through Saturday, August 23

 It all starts out so innocent and happy. Paul Melendy and Candace Clift as the Ralstons.  Duane Dale photo. 

Here’s what folks are saying about:

The Mousetrap

…More twists and turns than the trail up Mt. Chocorua…

Trapped by a snowstorm, houseguests are horrified to learn that one of them is a killer, and suspicions abound.   Once again, Dame Agatha provides brilliant murderous mayhem as each suspect reveals their own sordid secrets.  Whodunit?  You will not know until the surprise ending.

Mrs. Boyle (Jean Mar Brown) is so annoying, that Doug Shapiro and Candace Clift’s
characters would like to strangle her. Photo by Zachary DeGroot

…Mesmerizing. I kept leaning so far forward in my seat…

How would you react upon learning that there’s a murderer in the house? L-R, Ryan Malyar, Jean Mar Brown, Doug Shapiro, Madeleine Maby, Paul Melengy, Candace Clift, Robert Bates and Tony Edgerton.  Duane Dale photo. 

…This show is fabulous and brings Agatha Christie roaring into the 21st century… 

“Mousetrap’ is classic Christie and Barnstormers,” said Artistic Director Bob Shea.  “The crown jewel of murder mysteries has delighted audiences on both sides of the Atlantic since 1952, and, with this stellar cast, our audience is guaranteed a wonderful mix of intrigue, wit and suspense.” Generously sponsored by Macdonald Motors.

  …The best Mousetrap I’ve seen…

Tony Edgerton as Detective Sergeant Trotter. Duane Dale Photo.


…I worried my grandchild was too young.  She loved it – said it was better than a 3D movie!

Molly Ralston (Candace Clift) notes, “it seems very hard that all of our guests should be either unpleasant or odd.” Doug Shapiro’s character Mr. Paravacini is both. Zachary DeGroot photo.



  Next Week on Stage

Little Shop of Horrors

August 26-30

Suppertime! Jordan Ahnquist and Rachel Alexa Norman return to The Barnstormers.  Zachary DeGroot photo.

The 2014 season finale “Little Shop of Horrors” engulfs The Barnstormers’ stage August 26-30.  This zany musical comedy is where 60s horror film meets Motown as Seymour, a nerdy florist, happens upon an unusual looking plant.  Soon “unusual” turns into spectacular as the plant, which requires blood to survive (remember the show is part horror), becomes a vegetation sensation, raining fame, love and evil forces upon innocent Seymour.

The show was written in the 80s by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken, who also created songs for Disney’s “Little Mermaid,” “Beauty and the Beast” and “Aladdin.”  When it opened in New York, it ran for five consecutive years and earned numerous awards including New York Drama Critics Circle Award for best musical.

“This show is campy noir and outrageous fun,” said Artistic Director Bob Shea.  “The music is ridiculously good, and the plot is, well, just ridiculous.  There’s no other show out there quite like it, and it’s as much fun for the actors as the audience.”

“Little Shop of Horrors” features Barnstormers favorites such as Doug Shapiro, Jordan Ahnquist, and Rachel Alexa Norman, as well as many talented new additions to our Tamworth stage.