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Now on Stage

Little Shop of Horrors

 through Saturday, August 30

The nerdy florist Seymour (Jordan Ahnquist) discovers what the plant Audrey II
needs to survive.  Photos by Zachary DeGroot.

Here’s what folks are saying about

Little Shop of Horrors…

…Never seen this show before.  The set, the music,  the actors – I’m simply blown away. It’s easy to see why it got a standing ovation opening night…

Little Shop of Horrors gives new meaning to “miracle grow.”  Jordan Ahnquist as Seymour.

This zany musical comedy is where 60s horror film meets Motown as Seymour, a florist on Skid Row, happens upon an unusual looking plant.  Soon “unusual” turns into spectacular as the plant, which requires blood to survive (remember the show is part horror), becomes a vegetation sensation, raining fame, love and evil forces upon innocent Seymour.

Seymour (Jordan Ahnquist) containing Audrey II and surrounded by Azarria White,

Tunisia Renee and Cheryl Mullings.

…Oh, how the music and those beautiful voices fill the theater.  I just loved it…

Skid Row attracts all types of characters.  L-R Andrew Codispoti, Azarria White, Patrick Cannon, Cheryl Mullings, Alex Agard, Tunisia Renee and Doug Shapiro.

The show was written in the 80s by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken, who also created songs for Disney’s Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin.  When it opened in New York, it ran for five consecutive years and earned numerous awards including New York Drama Critics Circle Award for best musical.

  …I’ll never look at my dentist the same way …


Patrick Cannon convincing Jordan Ahnquist of the need for an oral exam.



…What a great season finale…


Joe Longthorne and Andrew Codispoti hangin’ on Skid Row. 


…Little Shop of Horrors is always a perennial favorite!

Many thanks to our season sponsor: 

The MacCabe Family Foundation