Doug Shapiro and Amanda Huxtable, Popcorn Falls, 2021


CORST Agreement, Tier zz

$670 weekly minimum

Non Equity Contracts $300 weekly minimum


Sarah Rozene, Artistic Director

Ana Prillaman, Administrative Coordinator


Equity Actors of all genders, races, and ethnicities for The Barnstormers 2023 Summer Season(see breakdown)

NEW YORK Equity  Principal Auditions

February 8th & 9th, Ripley-Grier studios, 305 West 38th St. Studios 206 & 207

The maximum capacity for both the audition room and the holding room is 50.

Audition slots will be available for sign-ups on each day beginning one hour prior to the start of the audition day. There will be three actors signed up for every 10 minute time slot.


February 20th, Boston Playwrights’ Theatre, 949 Commonwealth Avenue

Auditions will be held in the front theatre by appointment only. Barnstormer staff will check you in outside the room, and you will be called into audition at your appointment time.

Contact Sarah Rozene( and Ana Prillaman( to schedule an audition.


March 4th & 5th, location TBA

Auditions will be held by appointment only.

Contact Sarah Rozene( and Ana Prillaman ( to schedule an audition.


Please prepare 1 or 2 (contrasting) monologue(s) not to exceed three minutes or a short musical selection that demonstrates how you might best fit into our 2023 productions. Please have additional selections, ready upon request. Please bring your headshot and resume stapled together. An accompanist will be available at all audition times.


The Barnstormers are committed to dismantling structures that may prevent all people from applying for employment with us. The Barnstormers Theatre celebrates the richness of our world by cultivating Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity as they inspire the creativity that nurtures great art, artists and audiences. We are committed to continuing to prioritize our journey as an anti-racist and fully inclusive organization, and we strongly encourage candidates from historically underrepresented groups to apply. The Barnstormers Theatre is an equal opportunity employer and as such, we consider individuals for employment according to their abilities and performance.



Director: Sarah Rozene, Book and Music by Dan Goggin

Choreographer: Alexander Davis

Rehearse: June 19th

Performances: June 29th-July 8th

Sister Mary Regina (Mother Superior): A feisty, Sophie Tucker-­‐type who can’t resist the spotlight. The head of the convent, she is respected greatly by the sisters. While she is strict, she has a hard time keeping the craziness of the convent at bay. She keeps her guard up in front of the nuns, but has an extroverted side. Role requires some very physical humor. The character may be played with an Irish accent. Voice part: Mezzo Belt. 

Sister Mary Hubert (Mistress of Novices): Hubert is in charge of novices, but fancies herself a Mother Superior and is in constant competition with Mary Regina. She exudes maternal wisdom to novices, but also likes to let loose. Voice part: Mezzo Belt. 

Sister Robert Anne: Once a child delinquent herself, this rough tough nun is a jokester and

constantly challenging authority. She speaks with a thick Brooklyn accent and constantly displays her lack of refinement. Vocal part: Mostly Mezzo Belt -­‐ she has a few moments with a sweet soprano tonality. 

Sister Mary Amnesia: As the name suggests, she has lost her memory and does not know who she is except that she is a nun. She is spacey and incoherent, often slipping into displays inappropriate for a nun. Must be able to sing in classical and country styles. Vocal part: Soprano Belt. Extra: puppetry and ventriloquism a plus.

Sister Mary Leo: Leo is the novice nun who has entered the convent with the firm desire to become the first nun ballerina. Still learning the way and coming to terms with her decision to give up “civilian” life, she deems herself quite the ballerina and displays her talents through much of the show. She is easily swayed to join in mischief. Vocal part: Soprano.


Director: Clayton Phillips, Written by Joseph Kesselring

Rehearse: July 3rd

Performances: July 13th-July 22rd

Abby Brewster: This role has already been cast

Martha Brewster:This role has already been cast

Mortimer Brewster: Nephew of Abby and Martha, brother to Teddy and Jonathan. Very likable, Mortimer is a drama critic who is engaged to Elaine. He is a nice man who cares for his aunts. A good-hearted cynic who is about to have his world turned upside down.

Teddy Brewster: Nephew of Abby and Martha Brewster, Teddy is a man in his forties who thinks that he is Theodore Roosevelt. He is very likable and kindhearted.

Officer O’Hara: A police officer, O’Hara is a would-be playwright who pesters Mortimer to read his play.

Jonathan Brewster: Nephew of Abby and Martha Brewster, Jonathan is a psychopath who has numerous murders to his credit, and absolutely no scruples. He has had plastic surgery and now looks like Boris Karloff. He has an incredibly short temper.

Dr. Einstein: A German plastic surgeon and an alcoholic who is in his fifties, Dr. Einstein has changed Jonathan’s face three times. Jonathan’s right-hand-man.

Elaine Harper– A young woman in her twenties and Mortimer’s fiancee, Elaine is the daughter of the Rev. Dr. Harper. She is surprisingly wise in the ways of the world for a minister’s daughter. She is a little bit wily, sassy, and absolutely sharp. We witness Elaine progress from casual happiness, to utter bliss, to twisted confusion, to stark fear, to godsend relief, and back to casual happiness again. This role is available for non-Equity performers.

Dr. Reverend Harper: Minister and father of Elaine. A doctor of divinity, and the minister to the church next door to the Brewster house. The Brewster sisters have seen many ministers come and go over the years, but they seem to be particularly fond of Dr. Harper and vice versa. The actor portraying Dr. Harper should display a sense of polish, refinement, and mild mannered sensitivity towards others. He is not in favor

of Mortimer and Elaine’s relationship.

Mr. Witherspoon– May be doubled with Gibbs. The superintendent of Happy Dale Sanitarium. Very mild mannered and kind. This role is available for non-Equity performers.

Lieutenant Rooney: A tough and dominating police officer. The man in charge at the local police precinct. As such, he has very little patience for blunder and mistakes, and needs to run a pretty tight ship. He is loud, decisive, and clearly in-charge of every situation in which he finds himself.

Officer Brophy: A police officer. Brophy is a thoroughly likable sort of fellow. Is making his rounds collecting Christmas toys for the needy. This role is available for non-Equity performers.

Officer Klein: A police officer. He is making the rounds with Officer Brophy. This role is available for non-Equity performers.

Mr. Gibbs– A man who wishes to rent a room from the Brewster sisters, and nearly falls victim to the sisters’ “charity.” Begins gruff, but warms up fairly quickly. May be doubled with Witherspoon.This role is available for non-Equity performers.


Director: Dan Winerman, Written by Agatha Christie

Rehearse: July 17th

Performances: July 27th-August 5th

All characters speak with an educated British accent, except those noted below

Doris West: 25-30, Enid’s friend and roommate, genuinely cares for her friend, incredibly observant.

Mrs. Huggins: Middle-aged house-keeper. Terrible singer. Talkative, well meaning busy body, very sure that her opinions are facts, and tends to be suspicious, but possesses a warmth about her. A cheerful pessimist. Working class accent.

Enid Bradshaw: Late 20s-early 30s. Sweet and naive heiress, describes life as “deadly monotonous.” Enid is looking for more passion in her life, impulsively taking a risk to find it. 

Gerald Strange: 30s A dashing, charming and mysterious man. He seems like a man who has lived an outdoor life. He has a rather diffident, boyish manner, which endears him to women. There is nothing bold or flashy about him.

Dick Lane: 30s. Looks older than his age. Enid’s fiance. Staid, steady, diffident manner. Is somewhat reserved with an awkwardness about him, but does care for Enid.

Mrs. Birch: Late middle-aged house-keeper. Very matter of fact, flat, and dour but still effective at her job. Cumbrian or Northern English accent. 


Director: Dori Robinson, Written by Becky Mode

Rehearse: July 31st

Performances: August 10th- August 19th

Sam Peliczowski: This role has been cast.


Director: Blair Hundertmark, Adapted and Written by Ken Ludwig

Rehearse: August 14th

Performances: August 24th-September 2rd

Sherlock Holmes: Highly intelligent, confident, quick-witted, and obsessive. Lives to solve mysteries and discover the truth. Thinks very highly of his close friend Watson.

Doctor Watson: Smart, grounded, and full of heart. Doctor Watson is full of wonder. He lives to have adventures and assist his close friend Holmes.

Actor One: Must show great versatility both physically and vocally. Plays multiple roles, including Stapleton (seemingly geeky butterfly lover persona conceals the psychopath within), Barrymore (mournful caretaker of Baskerville Hall), Milker (scrappy Dickensian urchin boy) and Dr. Mortimer (elegant, friendly, passionate).

Actor Two: Must show great versatility both physically and vocally. Plays multiple roles, including Sir Hugbaskerville (brutal, cruel Cavalier), Wilson (exuberant, hearty head of messenger office), Sir Henry Baskerville (Texan relation to Baskervilles. Open-hearted, earnest, ready for adventure and to fall in love), and Inspector Lestrade (cocky police inspector).

Actress One: Must show great versatility both physically and vocally. Plays multiple roles, including Miss Stapleton (Stapleton’s initially secretive, scared “sister” who falls passionately in love with Sir Henry), Mrs. Barrymore (severe, humorless Swedish caretaker of Baskerville Hall), Mrs. Hudson (older, maternal housekeeper for Holmes).

Image: Doug Shapiro and Amanda Huxtable in Popcorn Falls, 2021

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