90th Anniversary "Love Letters" to The Barnstormers

The Barnstormers Theatre 

Virtual Playhouse Productions presents:

90th Anniversary “Love Letters”

Season ‘Highlights’   

An incredibly special episode #7

A heartwarming, loving, online tribute to our beloved theatre 

Retrospective Broadcast Event

A composite overview of the first 6 episodes

Perfect for those who have not yet experienced ‘Love Letters’


For those who wish to ‘Cherish the Memories’!  

Join veteran and current Barnstormers actors as they share and celebrate stories of 90 years of history, artistic triumph, occasional bloopers, a creative life before the audience, and unbelievable moments backstage—if our patrons only knew

Recollections of plays, personalities, and experiences. 

“Love Letters” is like sitting on your porch on a beautiful summer night with an old friend—and it is garnished with moments of music and mirth!

Version with Subtitles

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Top Photo: Spider’s Web, 2019