2017 Summer Season

Monty Python, Eric Idle and John Du Prez
Music and Lyrics by Eric Idle and Book by Eric Idle and John Du Prez
Based on the screenplay by Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin
Thursday, June 29th – Saturday, July 8th

This hysterical, Monty Python spoof tells the legendary tale of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and the quest for the Holy Grail in song, and features a chorus line of legless knights, men in tights (with legs), killer rabbits and sexy dancing divas.  The production also promises “some of the most unforgettable musical numbers you will ever see in the theater on this evening!” Nominated for 14 Tony awards, and hailed by The New Yorker as a “no-holds-barred smash hit,” Spamalot is a rowdy, ridiculous, and all-out rollicking tale of swashbuckling merriment. PG-11ish for some mildly suggestive behavior and just one swear word.

Arnold Ridley
Thursday, July 13th – Saturday, July 22nd

You asked for it! Our audience called for this quintessential favorite by the hundreds—and we’re delighted to bring back our most beloved—and very first—play ever produced. This comedy-thriller brings together a band of weary travelers stranded in a remote—and haunted—train station, and destined to experience the scariest night of their lives. Dubbed “the best ghost story of all time,” The Ghost Train is ever memorable—whether one is seven or ninety-seven—and it never runs out of steam. If you’ve never seen it, you won’t want to miss it, and if you’ve seen it, well, you know why you’ll want to come back. Starring THE best sound effects ever!

Samuel and Bella Spewack
Thursday, July 27th – Saturday, August 5th

Plucked from The Barnstormers archives comes one of our most beloved comedies that has charmed audiences for generations. This delightful, eccentric and off-beat comedy tells the story of a family who runs a general store in French Guiana—with great inefficiency. When a conniving nephew arrives from Paris to swindle the family out of its business, the three convict-workers hired to repair the roof overhear the wicked nephew’s plot and conspire to assist the family using their collective checkered pasts and naughty criminal knowledge. It turns out the heroes are not quite what you’d expect in this delightful, fun-for-all-ages play that has more than a few things to say about power and money, class and innocence.

Agatha Christie
Thursday, August 10th – Saturday, August 19th

This is Lady Agatha at her best! An elderly widow is murdered at a clifftop seaside house… What is the connection between a failed suicide attempt, a wrongful accusation of theft against a schoolgirl, and the romantic life of a famous tennis player? To the casual observer, apparently nothing. But when a house party gathers at Gull’s Point, the seaside home of the elderly widow, earlier events come to a dramatic head. It’s all part of a carefully laid plan – for murder. Don’t miss this dramatic and highly entertaining who-dunnit—it wouldn’t be summer without Lady Agatha at The Barnstormers!

Alfred Uhry
Thursday, August 24th – Saturday, September 2nd

This iconic tale of pride, changing times, and the transformative power of friendship unfolds as Daisy Werthan, a widowed, well-to-do woman living in mid-century Atlanta, is deemed too old to drive. When her son hires Hoke, an African-American chauffeur, Daisy’s world is turned upside down. What begins as a troubled pairing blossoms into a profound, life-altering friendship that transcends all societal boundaries between them. The Wall Street Journal urged audiences, “Do whatever you have to do to get a ticket.” Driving Miss Daisy is a lovely reminder of the power of human connection. Don’t miss it.


*Artwork by Lisa Occhipinti